New Blog Opened!!

Hi there, I would like to inform you that the content of this blog has been moved to a new blog made by me and some other friends and coworkers. All of us share the same passion and the same love about the computer science world. We would like to continue to inform you on how we solved problem we founded during our job. We are also evaluating the idea to share also some code via “google code” about our “utilities” library we have developed during those years (TreeProperties, UILibrary for Switch,Knob , Math library and much more). I hope you will continue to follow me with my friends to

My Memory Leak

My Memory Leak


Ubuntu 13.10 Saucy Salamander – Dropbox issues on GUI panel indicator. LXDE and Unity


Dropbox logo

I have had some problem on trying to let work the dropbox application under Ubuntu 13.10 after I performed a dist upgrade from 13.04, so after spending some times in searching a method to let it work again I am reporting what I have tryed to do.

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