20GB of free Cloud Storage:Copy.com


Hi, I would like to inform you of a relatively new cloud storage service called “Copy.com” launched by Barracuda Networks a well known network and anti-spam security player in the market.

They give you a free account of 15GB with an extra space of 5GB if you register through a referral link (like mine here). For each user that will use this link I will receive the same amount of extra storage. So go go go!! and register to Copy  and start sharing your referral link to increase your space!!.

Now some facts, first of all the functionalities are quite similar to what Dropbox and other competitor offers, it means that you have one centralized folder where everything you move or copy there, is automatically uploaded to Copy.com cloud´s service and synced among your computers. You can access your files from Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and iOS devices. Security wise they transfer everything over SSL and they encrypt the data on their servers using a combination of public and private key and AES 256.

The extra feature that you will get by using Copy service are:
–  you don’t have to put all of your content inside the main folder (like Dropbox does) and let sync the files/folders in the original position they are by creating a link inside the Copy main folder to the content you want to get in sync (Copy will sync the linked content!!!) .
– Permission at file level and not only folder one. You can set permission (Can view, can edit, etc.) of the items you share via the web interface, this is a missing feature on Dropbox (at least at the moment of writing)
– Fair storage — Instead of counting data in shared folders against all members’ individual storage quotas, so everyone pays for the same data over and over, Copy allows users to “split the bill” and control which files count against their storage capacity. View the 40-second video on the Copy “Fair Storage for All” initiative at http://youtu.be/m36ZMdE-vro.

Important: Step to get 20GB

Be sure to:
1) Register through my referral link.
2) Validate your email address by clicking on the email Copy sends (check your spam folder just in case).
3) Install the client software on your computer/device and log in at least once.

For further detail you could check their site at https://www.copy.com/about/pr

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