OpenDDS Java Binding Developer Guide Example error

Following the OpenDDS Developer’s Guide – Chapter 11 I ran into an error like this:

Using …/ACE_wrappers/bin/MakeProjectCreator/config/MPC.cfg
CIAO_ROOT was used in the configuration file, but was not defined.
Generating ‘gnuace’ output using default input
Skipping Foo (Foo.mpc), it requires java.
Generation Time: 1s

I have solved following the suggestion from a post on sourceforge tracker that I report here just for an easy access on that info. (Personally I have user -features java=1 as parameter of the script)

Welcome to OpenDDS!

In $DDS_ROOT/java/INSTALL, in Step 4 (Configure TAO), there are
instructions for enabling Java support by setting java=1 in the appropriate
file(s) (depending upon your platform) or passing -features java=1 on the command line when you build ACE+TAO. The recommended approach is to
set java=1 in $ACE_ROOT/bin/MakeProjectCreator/config/default.features so
it is always set whenever you run

You can also enable Java support for OpenDDS when you install ACE+TAO with
the $DDS_ROOT/configure script with ./configure –java from $DDS_ROOT. See
$DDS_ROOT/INSTALL for more information on using the configure script and
run ./configure –help to see all the options.

(Note: If you are on Windows using Visual Studio, the command to run the
configure script is just configure from a Visual Studio command prompt.)


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